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Chase Speculaas is the designer, scripter & builder of the best pirate ships in Second Life.
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Simulated pirate sea battles are now held online on your PC

Jolly Bonny Anne Ships blog, Second Life, September '08


The sun rises on the International Talk Like a Pirate Day in the antipodes early - first up, the crew of the Bonny Anne mounted a pirate attack on BigPond's Pondi Beach in Second Life (after clearing it with the relevant supervisor of course!).

To start the day, the scurvy crew of the Bonny Anne attacked Sydney Opera House and the BigPond complex on Second Life.  ARRRR it was an adventure to be sure - the crew endured shark attacks and a maze of treacherous waterways, but they n'er lost sight of the prize!

The crew of the Bonny Anne comprised Joetoelickr Larsson as the navigator, and Lucrezia Ceawlin as quartermaster.  Ship's captain, as always, was GaiaGirl.  A crew of scallywags and n'er do wells!

Navigator Larsson's knowledge of these waters was invaluable - some straits were impassable, tho' with some close encounters with the shoals we sailed on. 

The Sydney Harbour Bridge proved to be too well guarded to mount an attack.  We lost a ship going under the Bridge - a lesson to be had for pirates to be sure.  At first the Bridge was a sight for sore eyes, tho' we mourned the loss of a good crew as that ship meet Davy Jones.

Our armada continued on towards our prize!  Pondi Beach was our first port o' call.  The crew of the Bonny Anne put ashore on the beach to rape, loot and pillage.  OK, just to plunder .... MMM, OK they got out and had a look around.

Beware the sharks off Pondi - they're not shy of attacking ships!  At one stage, the Captain had a shark under each arm, tho' one bite of the Captain and they spat her out.  GaiaGirl, n'er one to take that sort of thing, bit the sharks back and they retreated back into the water.

Onward to the prize - the Sydney Opera House!

Visit BigPond's Pondi Beach in Second Life

Thanks to the BigPond supervisors for allowing our little adventure :)

Fresh Inca gold ~ log on to Second Life and visit The Rum Rebel Inn and try and find where she buried all that treasure!




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Privateer GaiaGirl's
Pirate Photo

May Ship's bLog here

June '08 Ship's blog here

Jolly Bonny Anne,
Ship's bLog, June '08:

Visit GaiaGirl in Second Life!

Chase Speculaas has sent thru a few good links to machinima and Second Life life ~ LOL ARR

May, '08

HMB Endeavour berthed at
The Rum Rebel Inn

Jolly Bonny Anne has captured the Endeavour and will be visiting ports around Second Life.


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One dead Dutchman!

Privateer GaiaGirl Pearl, aboard her brigantine Bonny Anne, after attacking the fort at Beek's Haven pirate's sim on SecondLife.

Jolly Bonny Anne crew partied hard after capturing another nice Spanish galleon designed and built by Port Orbello totally full of Spanish gold & treasure she was!!  Now we may be pirates and surely dont care about taking loot that was already looted ~ tho' we swear next time we be passin South America shore we be lookin for chiefs to visit 'n return their sacred objects!  LOL ARRR

Privateer GaiaGirl is aware of fresh Chinese loot stolen from Tibet and asks her fellow captains to be on lookout for stolen relics
~ that be me prize me mateys ~




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