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Interview with Chase
Chase Speculaas is the designer, scripter & builder of the best pirate ships in Second Life.
See our feature on the Second Life ships by Chase Speculaas





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Simulated pirate sea battles are now held online on your PC

Jolly Bonny Anne Ships blog, Second Life, September '08


The sun rises on the International Talk Like a Pirate Day in the antipodes early - first up, the crew of the Bonny Anne mounted a pirate attack on BigPond's Pondi Beach in Second Life (after clearing it with the relevant supervisor of course!).  Our full pirate adventure is covered on the front page and we shall be updating during the day!  LOL ARRRRRR

Sept. 19th '08 - The Bonny Anne moored off the beach at Pondi


Jolly Bonny Anne Ship's bLog, Second Life, June '08  - Chase Speculaas has made a triumphant return to the world of Second Life simulated pirate sea battles by releasing his new xebec Corsair ship.  The 1770's sailing vessel is fitted with five powerful cannon on either side and two smaller guns on the bow making it a lethal fighting sailing ship and the choice of our first rate captains.  The Corsair sails best with a crew - at least one gunner to handle the guns - making it devastating in battle.  Speculaas Design builds simulated sea battle ships: the longship, brigantine & xebec corsair.  A sailable 1700s frigate is on the slipways.  We encourage captains to read our reveals with Chase Speculaas

Jolly Bonny Anne! Fight like a man!

Jolly Bonny Anne's battle ensign pirate flag
The Southern Cross is used to navigate by the stars to show due south and Australians will recognise the stars from the Eureka flag with the blue colour of the original Eureka still shining a glow around the stars ~ the rebellion at Eureka stockade equal in importance to the US War of Independence in their history.

The three crescents is a wicca symbol depicting feminist moon cycles & influences: wax, wane and full moon although a circle of full moon is not apparent amongst the many points projecting from this fearsome looking flag.  The three crescents appear on national flags from some middle eastern nations.

Four eight-point stars and three crescent moons make the design & to make the flag cut out three curved triangles and one smaller triangle in black.

The symbolism of the Jolly Bonny Anne ship's name: 'Jolly' is a reference to the Jolly Roger, the flag of pirates of the 1700s.  Anne Bonny was a famous female pirate who was jailed for piracy but released because she was pregnant.  In prison she was visited by her lover Jack Rackman and greeted him "If you had fought like a man you wouldn't have to hang like a dog"

The battle cry of the Jolly Bonny Anne pirate ship is
Fight like a man! LOL ARR!

Pirates use their battle ensigns to enforce fear encouraging submission ~ Get this into your head! See this flag, be afraid!

Jolly Bonny Anne
Ship's bLog, June '08

June 1, Jolly Bonny Anne longboat sank a xebec corsair captained by Pegleg Gans with guns manned by Admiral Chase Speculaas
 ~ see me battle chat scroll down! LOL ARRR!

[0:18] Chase Speculaas: Use a longship, fight us
[0:19] GaiaGirl Pearl: ok!

Now, it doesn't always take less than five minutes to sink a corsair - this was a fast furious battle with multiple tights turns and in fairness Chase mentions that they hit some flotsam and he swam to my ship on a mast, see photo 1  Chase said "this is actually a perfect outcome though. Now if anyone bitches about the Corsair being overpowered again, I can say "Well, GaiaGirl sunk a corsair with 2 crew using only a Longship with no crew

I sank an Admiral

HMB Endeavour
at Antiquity
with brig & corsair

Chase Speculaas
HMB Endeavour

Ship's bLog Antiquity June '08 ~ 3 brigs sunk in five minutes using SPD longship ~ poor captains were complaining of me sailing into their battle but I never fired on anyone who didn't fire on me first anyway Rules of Engagement say your portholes are open and your fair game for pirates ~ be battle ready! LOL ARRR LOL

Rumour has it Privateer GaiaGirl has plundered a Spanish galleon and captured a golden Mayan calendar!
We be deciphering code! LOL ARRR LOL

Fresh Inca gold ~ log on to Second Life and visit The Rum Rebel Inn and try and find where she buried all that treasure!




Images for your Second Life

Privateer GaiaGirl's
Pirate Photo

May Ship's bLog here

June '08 Ship's blog here

Jolly Bonny Anne,
Ship's bLog, June '08:

Visit GaiaGirl in Second Life!

Chase Speculaas has sent thru a few good links to machinima and Second Life life ~ LOL ARR

May, '08

HMB Endeavour berthed at
The Rum Rebel Inn

Jolly Bonny Anne has captured the Endeavour and will be visiting ports around Second Life.


Visit the Widget Gallery


One dead Dutchman!

Privateer GaiaGirl Pearl, aboard her brigantine Bonny Anne, after attacking the fort at Beek's Haven pirate's sim on SecondLife.

Jolly Bonny Anne crew partied hard after capturing another nice Spanish galleon designed and built by Port Orbello totally full of Spanish gold & treasure she was!!  Now we may be pirates and surely dont care about taking loot that was already looted ~ tho' we swear next time we be passin South America shore we be lookin for chiefs to visit 'n return their sacred objects!  LOL ARRR

Privateer GaiaGirl is aware of fresh Chinese loot stolen from Tibet and asks her fellow captains to be on lookout for stolen relics
~ that be me prize me mateys ~




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Either contact GaiaGirl Pearl in Second Life or email here

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