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Privateer GaiaGirl Pearl, aboard her SPD brigantine Jolly Bonny Anne on SecondLife.

Our captains are on the lookout for pirate crew - trainee gunners, especially female avatars for an all-girl pirate crew.
Captain Pearl sails the 'Jolly Bonny Anne' longship, brig and corsair, and treasures her full size replica of the HMS Endeavour, built by Chase Speculaas.
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or take note of the times and turn up at Antiquity or Beek's Haven.
The simulations are realistic in that the action is fast, furious, confusing & demanding as we fight against & with real people role playing as pirates in the 1700s.  The skills involved would be similar to the people going through the real experience at least on a cerebral level.  The realistic visual experience of firing the guns into the opponent ship brings to life the visual sensations of being there!

Jolly Bonne Anne
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Chase Speculaas: now if anyone bitches about the Corsair being overpowered again, I can say "Well, GaiaGirl sunk a corsair with 2 crew using only a Longship with no crew


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Virtual goods are turning into a real business. A new study estimates that the total U.S. market size for virtual goods will hit $1 billion this year -- twice the 2008 amount. The report by Justin Smith, editor of and Charles Hudson of Serious Business, also projects that virtual goods sales will reach $1.6 billion in 2010.
"One of the major forces that has led to growth in virtual goods this year is the explosion and seeming ubiquity of social networking in the U.S.," said Smith in an interview. Combine that with the popularity of gaming and marketing savvy and you have the perfect storm boosting demand for virtual goods.

Virtual goods are typically offered in free Web applications or games to let users accessorize avatars or supply weapons or other items that will help players speed their progress through games. They're purchased directly by credit card, PayPal or other payment method or "earned" by accepting offers, like signing up for a trial subscription of Netflix or taking a brief research survey.

In addition to the app and game developers that benefit from virtual goods sales, the second method alone has spawned some 15 companies in the last two years such as Offerpal Media and SuperRewards that are thriving as well. "It's almost like the ad network explosion of a few years ago," said Smith.

Allowing these new types of businesses to flourish has been the expansion of social networks such as Facebook and MySpace, which provide the platforms for users to easily access the games and applications where virtual merchandise is sold. Facebook has gotten into the game itself with its own gift store selling things that like virtual flowers that can be purchased with Facebook "credits"-the company's virtual currency.

Facebook has recently begun allowing third-party developers to sell virtual goods inside the gift shop and to accept Facebook credits ($1 buys 10 credits) as a payment method inside apps. Its virtual goods business is projected to make up about 10% of Facebook's estimated revenue of $500 million this year.

Companies such as AdNectar are also launching branded virtual goods on Facebook, Twitter and LiveJournal on behalf of marketers such as Godiva Chocolates, ING, Gillette and Lionsgate. "A side angle is that some branded virtual goods are being sponsored inside of social networks and third-party apps by advertisers who now think of them as a more engaging ad unit," noted Smith.

Besides social networks and apps, the report also indicated that virtual worlds such as Second Life and massively-multiplayer online games also continue to grow as meaningful parts of the virtual goods market.


 .: (¯`'•.¸♥`*•.¸(`*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´♥¸.•'´¯) :.
CHARPUM DESIGN Customised Builds

CHARPUM DESIGN specialise in bespoke designs customised to your
exact needs. Our speciality is the Middle Eastern style, although
any particular style can be realised. From a simple low prim
house to full sim design - all is possible.

The Oriental, Arabic or Middle Eastern style lends itself ideally to
Second Life, being both graphic and elegant. The use of soft,
colorful tones and organic yet mathematical shapes results in
a richly visual product.

We can expertly terraform your land to match the style of the designed
product or the real estate can be built on flat or pre-formed

We can also place buildings and items in Temp-Rezz boxes, to keep your prim count to an absolute minimum.

CHARPUM DESIGN has extensive experience with:

• Houses • Palaces • Gardens
• Shops • Galleries • Terraforming
• Furniture and Decorations
• Graphic design (such as logos and corporate design)

Anything is possible in Second Life, and CHARPUM only delivers the
highest quality. We are only satisfied when you are...
...and we don't stop until all is perfect.

For further information, or to see our complete portfolio please IM
PUMIKI Winkler or Charlene Siemens.

.: (¯`'•.¸♥`*•.¸(`*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´♥¸.•'´¯) :.

Examples of our work:

.: (¯`'•.¸♥`*•.¸(`*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´♥¸.•'´¯) :.

SL pioneer businessman Chase Speculaas
discusses SL business

[2:47] You: take Lindens for example - instantly banning gambling, creating more money, and more land - these things can ruin the economy for everyone but themselves
[2:48] Chase Speculaas: Well... I'm extremely impressed with their economic policies actually
[2:48] Chase Speculaas: as for banning gambling... that hurt them badly... it cut the SL economy in half... thus reducing the volume of $L orders, reducing the profit they make skimming off the commissions
[2:48] Chase Speculaas: The economic policies are excellent though
[2:49] Chase Speculaas: Before they started acting on the $L market, there was rampant inflation
[2:49] Chase Speculaas: Early in my business, I had to adjust prices every month or two to keep up with it
2:50] Chase Speculaas: it got up to around 350 $L per USD
[2:50] Chase Speculaas: It was inflating probably at like 20% annually or worse
[2:50] You: Ok - but a model based on an endless supply of money (Print more money!) or land - its unrealistic - not based on anything we have experienced RL
[2:50] Chase Speculaas: It is interesting, about land
[2:51] Chase Speculaas: I wish there were some way to clean up the continent... LL is making a killing from new land
[2:51] Chase Speculaas: and meanwhile there is unused, abandoned wasteland on the mainland just sitting there, using up real life servers
[2:52] You: yes, that is their bread and butter - you know they just dropped new sims from 1650 to 1000
[2:52] You: USD
[2:52] Chase Speculaas: And yeah, unlike in the past, when land was somewhat limited, now you can't count on land appreciating in value at all
[2:52] Chase Speculaas: Indeed, you can count on it depreciating
2:52] Chase Speculaas: To tell the truth, I've never really owned land in SL
[2:52] Chase Speculaas: It didn't seem like a good proposition to me
2:53] You: I bought these three lots, and pay 150USD per month in tiers - one week later they dropped price of sim - and now I cant sell these
[2:53] You: I am advertising these parcels we're on for half a L$ per sq m and not even getting lookers
2:53] Chase Speculaas: ughhh
[2:53] You: the thing with your own land is you can create your own reality
[2:54] You: set your own rules and run it your way
[2:54] Chase Speculaas: Yeah... part of that is just supply and demand
2:54] You: but with an endless supply it becomes unrealistic - not based on anything we've known RL
2:55] Chase Speculaas: And yeah, endless supply
[2:55] Chase Speculaas: Which is one of the interesting things about virtual economies
[2:55] Chase Speculaas: I mean... it applies to my ships too
[2:56] Chase Speculaas: they're copies, obviously... infinite...
[2:56] You: imagine if governments could just print more money or create more land? Inflation would be rampant, and we get what we have now - deserted, but beautiful, sims
[2:56] Chase Speculaas: Well, land yes... printing money... I think LL actually buys $L
[2:57] Chase Speculaas: I know they used to
[2:57] Chase Speculaas: to stabilize the $L price
[2:57] You: the value of these things is not realistic - which is why we have to work for 500L per hour - whats that in real money - $1.50?? LOL
[2:57] Chase Speculaas: And actually... we do essentially print new money all the time
[2:57] Chase Speculaas: (and inflation is getting bad too, in the US, hehe)
[2:57] You: yes but they also take money out of the system
[2:57] You: buy gold etc
2:57] Chase Speculaas: Hehe, now that I some REAL supply and demand there
[2:58] Chase Speculaas: $1.5 per hour
[2:58] Chase Speculaas: that's just globalization
[2:58] Chase Speculaas: did you ever read the stories about chinese virtual sweat shops?
[2:58] You: yes US cannot sustain its growth and is using way more resources than it should
[2:58] You: no - I thought Chinese are not fans of internet
[2:59] Chase Speculaas: I mean... $1.5 per hour is just because that's what people will do work in SL for.
[2:59] Chase Speculaas: Ohhhhh no
2:59] You: virtual sweat shops?
[2:59] Chase Speculaas: Oh man... you have no idea
[2:59] You: underground they are - not overtly though
[2:59] Chase Speculaas: As for the internet... I made a nice chunk of cash in the last few months with PWRD (Perfect World) a chinese MMO company
[3:00] Chase Speculaas: The government sensors shit... but they can't do a lot about MMOs... it is notoriously hard to mess around inside virtual worlds, for a government
[3:00] You: but doesnt chinese just block access to servers and telecoms?
[3:01] Chase Speculaas: To some extent
[3:01] You: only party faithful can access telecom
[3:01] Chase Speculaas: They can get on SL though... and they're loosening up a lot lately
[3:01] Chase Speculaas: all around
[3:01] Chase Speculaas: China is absolutely booming
[3:01] You: with Olympics just around the corner they have to be 'seen' as opening up
[3:02] Chase Speculaas: Anyway, yeah, back in the boom days of Everquest and WoW
[3:02] Chase Speculaas: They would hire people just to sit at computers all day to farm gold, lol
[3:03] Chase Speculaas: You see, in the US where the minimum wage was (at that time) $5.50 or so, that wouldn't be worthwhile
[3:03] You: farm gold?
[3:03] Chase Speculaas: but there where the wage was more like $1.00, if that... it was worth it
[3:04] Chase Speculaas: Farming gold... its a term for doing some repetitive task in an MMO to get "gold"... or whatever the in-game currency is, and then selling it on the open market for real money
[3:04] Chase Speculaas: SL is different, you can't really farm gold per-se... you have to actually do something creative or do real work
[3:04] Chase Speculaas: But they were experimenting with it
[3:05] You: the chinese are awesome businessmen - always have been
[3:05] Chase Speculaas: In SL, there was this famous story of a girl working for some chinese company, in china, who were telling her basically to log on SL and make money, however she could
[3:05] Chase Speculaas: so basically she was being a stripper in SL
[3:06] You: its still true - I know the stripper's make more than I do
[3:06] You: its like prostitution without the mess
[3:07] Chase Speculaas: Hehe... I saw a speech once, streamed from one of the SL annual conventions
[3:07] Chase Speculaas: given by QDot Bunnyhug... fairly well known innovator in SL back then anyway, and he was pioneering "teledildonics"
[3:08] You: lol - VR suits?
[3:08] Chase Speculaas: Which was actually a pretty good concept, but I haven't heard anything more about it since then.
[3:08] Chase Speculaas: Well, his stuff was much simpler and more elegant
[3:08] Chase Speculaas: but still kind of creepy, lol
[3:08] Chase Speculaas: same concept though
[3:08] You: this has been discussed for years - since the 80s that I know of
[3:09] You: still - if this is VR now, I would love to see it in 10 years
[3:09] Chase Speculaas: Yeah... what was that movie... with Sandra Bullock, and Taco Bell
[3:09] Chase Speculaas: Demolition Man
[3:09] Chase Speculaas: You know what I hate... the problem is, VR headset technology is starting to become off-limits for businesses
[3:10] You: I remember on my Amiga 1000 in 1986 we had speech generators to type into - so you can be whatever you want to be - m or f
[3:10] Chase Speculaas: Because there have just been soooooo many companies that have come out with new models and in every case... failed
[3:10] Chase Speculaas: haha
[3:10] You: why? cant get it to market?
[3:10] Chase Speculaas: No, becuase they just plain suck
[3:10] Chase Speculaas: Case in point... I read some reviews for a new, light one
[3:11] Chase Speculaas: Vuzix... was touted as revolutionary, finally one that didn't give you headaches, etc etc
[3:11] Chase Speculaas: So I bought one last christmas, $400
[3:11] Chase Speculaas: Tried it out, in SL, and in Flight Simulator... promptly sent it back
[3:12] Chase Speculaas: It just isn't something you can stare into for an hour
[3:12] Chase Speculaas: and the head tracking was extremely messy... to messy to be useful in any competitive environment like one of the ship battles
[3:12] You: microsoft is releasing a new design PC - a flat top coffee table with screen on top
[3:13] Chase Speculaas: Those will be cool for restauraunts and commercial endeavours, but I don't see a home usefulness, nor a 3-D virtuality usefulness
[3:13] You: un-ergonomic by the sounds
[3:14] You: so where do you see VR and SL in five-ten years? still lots of sex and jumpy avatars?
[3:14] Chase Speculaas: I think it's funny that they're trying so hard to make computers more and more "Accessible"... while at the same time, the population slowly shifts of course to the younger generations that are savvy with it anyway
[3:14] Chase Speculaas: and would rather have windows XP than Vista because it friggin WORKS better
[3:14] You: true
[3:15] Chase Speculaas: By the time computers are what they would consider truly "intuitive"... it won't matter anyway because everyone will be confortable with the current systems
[3:15] Chase Speculaas: and people will be bustling for more complex, non-intuitive control interfaces so that they can do things faster
[3:16] Chase Speculaas: and without moving all the hell over the place
[3:16] You: and getting RSI in the process
[3:16] Chase Speculaas: On that note, I got a virtual reality glove a while back... and as fun as gestural commands sound...
[3:16] Chase Speculaas: it really sucks to have to hold your arm up, and move it all around to get anything done
[3:17] Chase Speculaas: it is not, as you said, ergonomic
[3:17] Chase Speculaas: I'm just waiting for BMI
[3:17] You: understood - it never seemed realistic to me - it might look realistic on screen - but your hand is not going through natural movements
[3:17] Chase Speculaas: long way to go, unfortunately, and the stupid FDA will hold it back, with all the human experimentation rules
[3:17] You: BMI?
[3:18] Chase Speculaas: Brain-machine interface
[3:18] Chase Speculaas: On low level... controlling the cursor/keys just by thinking about it. On high level... the matrix
[3:18] You: would you volunteer?
[3:18] Chase Speculaas: yes
[3:18] Chase Speculaas: They have plenty of volunteers... starting with quadraplegics
[3:18] You: well, if you're going to the navy, we might never see you again ...
[3:19] Chase Speculaas: but in the US at least, anything mildly dangerous to test on humans gets held back
[3:19] Chase Speculaas: I'd say China will probably surpass us because of that in technology, if it weren't for the fact that they seem to be the least original society ever
[3:19] You: lol
[3:20] Chase Speculaas: China is "where Intellectual Property goes to die"
[3:20] You: true - they are the best forgers on the planet - RL pirates
[3:20] Chase Speculaas: yep
[3:20] You: they also have piracy on the sea there too
[3:20] Chase Speculaas: Yeah
[3:20] You: life is cheap there


See you in Second Life ~ Peace Love & Light,
GaiaGirl Pearl









1EarthMedia SL Business News

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SL May '08

Disney are bridging the gap between gaming and virtual worlds but only for North Americans!

Disney Interactive Studios have launched DGamer - a free avatar-based community for US buyers of games Disney developed for the handheld Nintendo DS

Paul Yanover, VP & MD of Disney Online, says, "DGamer is our opportunity to work with Disney Interactive to make sure we have this connected environment and to make sure we reach our guests wherever they are, including a player on a Disney Interactive DS title talking to a player in 'Pirates of the Caribbean Online."'

With the release of "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian" Disney Interactive DS games will come with DGamer-added content like customizable avatars. DGamer gamers also will be able to use the WiFi connectivity of the DS to communicate with other members with either a DS or a PC.

It features avatars and text chat, DGamer comes up against other virtual worlds such as Disney Online's Club Penguin or

DGamer gamers customize their avatars and clothing, not just from the DS game they're currently playing, but also from other well-known Disney characters such as Buzz Lightyear and Tinker Bell.

Other publishers, including Nintendo, have leveraged the WiFi connectivity of the DS for game play and to share game characters.

Disney Interactive is the first to formalize a virtual community around the Nintendo DS. DGamer fits nicely with the parent company's overall online strategy.

In 2007, Disney sold 3.4 million units of Nintendo DS video games in the U.S. alone, according to consulting firm NPD.

The avatars, game results, honors and virtual gifts can also be ported to other DS owners who have joined DGamer, as well as to the PC-based site.
The honors by which all DGamers are measured will be cumulative, encouraging players to purchase and play as many Disney Interactive DS titles as they can.

Disney Interactive senior producer Michelle Golding said the company also plans to send such additional content as player polls and surveys to members through the DS WiFi connection.
She says that the DGamer target audience is tweens and that Disney Interactive is leveraging the parental controls from to ensure players communicate in a safe environment.

ontact LordMarc Aeon in Second Life or


1EarthMedia Studio

We work as a photographer / journalist in RL & 2L and are happy to do a new profile portrait for you, photograph your event, party or fantasy situation, or work with a stylist to do a fashion shoot for that magazine feature or prepare your photos for a model competition ~ this is the website to collect photographs or order your photo session.

Our photographic studio in SL is well equipped, with hundreds of pose balls, animations, backdrops, lighting and three stages: a portrait stage with multiple backdrops, a model stage for large dynamic pictures and a white cyclorama for easy photoshop pics (if you want me to put your portrait onto any background image) – in other words its well equipped to handle almost any assignment from product photos to fashion shoots.
we are also available to do photos on your location.

We are happy to work for Lindens, although please be aware that an hourly rate starts at L1000 (a few dollars) and photo sessions are minimum L500 ~ only occasionally I will reduce my fee if the assignment & you are worthy. IM for details! I do not pay for uploading to you, but am happy to send the photos as we make them to your email, or I prefer to save them to my disk, work them in Photoshop to make sure they are OK, and then make them available for you to pick up anonymously at a secure place on this website soon after the photo session. Please IM me!

The 1EarthMedia team is also available to build any item for your Second Life - from castles & palaces to telescopes & clothing.

Our full time Second Life staff can also organise and promote your event or sim location - combining photography, machinima (inworld video & movie making), journalism and website design.

Also, if you require a special build, we can go into the RL to make custom photos of buildings, vehicles and textiles to bring individuality to your Second Life item.

Either contact GaiaGirl Pearl in Second Life or email here




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